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Robot: Autonomous herbicide sprayer
Task(s): Spraying herbicides
Development start: 2019
Pricing: $298.000 (€302,017 according to the exchange rate of 22-09-2022)


GUSS Herbicide is an autonomous herbicide orchard sprayer that removes the driver from the tractor to save labour and eliminate exposure to the chemicals being sprayed. Nine sensors on the sprayer detect, target and spot spray weeds on the orchard floor, which reduces material usage and drift during application. Reducing the amount of material being sprayed increases safety for the operator, the environment and the food produced. GUSS offers growers the ability to customise the number of precision sensors to meet their needs.

Drive train type

Diesel engine drive.


Height adjustable booms that accommodate 18-to-22-foot row spacing and tilt for varying berm sizes. The breakaway booms prevent damage to trees and crops.

Navigation system

GUSS uses a combination of gps, LiDAR, cameras and other technology to autonomously roll through the orchards, day or night spraying row after row.


Name/type robotGUSS Herbicide (USA)
DimensionsLength 23.5 ft (7.2 m), width from 8.3 ft (2.53 m) to 19 ft (5.8 m), height 6.5 ft (1.98 m)
Turning radius9 ft (2.7 m)
Weight12,460 lb (5,651 kg)
Energy sourceDiesel
Energy stock/range13-14 hour run time
DrivelineDiesel engine drive
Navigation systemGps, LiDAR, cameras and others
Output capacity7 acres/h depending on speed and row spacing
Pricing$298,000. The 9-sensor precision spot spraying kit is an add-on option of $45,000
Availability (countries)USA and Australia for starters
Units operational (total end 2022)0. Production starts in Spring 2023

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