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The HF T30-6 has a strong aluminium main frame, is light weight and offers complete protection against dust and airborne particles, and against water and other liquids. The drone can be used for crop spraying, sowing and spreading fertiliser. It is easy to fold, and can be easily transported. Because of its modular design, most parts can be replaced.

The HF T30-6 is equipped with dual brushless pumps, and has high-pressure fan-shaped flat nozzles, providing fine atomisation. The accurate metering system avoids insufficient spraying or excessive doses. The ground station offers a real-time display of the remaining amount of liquid.

The drone has RTK positioning technology, with centimetre-level accuracy ensuring that the drone takes off and lands at the same location. It has front and rear obstacle avoidance radars, which effectively avoid obstacles such as poles and trees.


Manufacturer:Qingdao Zhongfei Intelligent Technology Co (China)
Product:U50 Max
Max payload capacity:40 kgs for spraying and 45kgs (70 litres) for spreading
No. rotors / effective swath width:4/8 metre
Maximum flow rate:8 litres per minute
Droplet size:80-250μm
Max flight time (per charge):8-11 minutes (fully loaded)
Battery capacity in mAh:30,000 mAh
Standard charge time:15min/45min (Generator fast charge/Home slow charge)
Recommended retail price:US $12,500 (FOB Qingdao)

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