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The HF T72 is an agricultural drone with a large capacity that can spray 28 to 30 hectares per hour. It uses smart batteries and charges relatively quickly. The HF T72 has an effective spray width of more than 15 meters. The arm can be folded up at 90 degrees, for easy transportation.

Terrain following radar allows users to adjust sensitivity for different crops and terrain. This high precision digital radar wave system detects the surroundings and bypasses obstacles automatically when flying. The system is resistant to dust and water, and can be adapted to most environments.

The drone’s system integrates high-precision inertial and satellite navigation sensors, drift compensation and data fusion. Users can obtain real-time flight attitude, position coordinates, working status and other parameters.

Plot mode is a commonly used planning mode for this drone. Up to 128 waypoints can be added. Users can easily set the altitude, speed, obstacle avoidance mode, and flight path. Automatically uploading to the cloud is possible, which can be convenient for the next spray operation.

In the edge-sweeping mode, the drone sprays the boundary of the planned area. Uses can adjust the number of laps for sweeping flight operations. Fruit tree mode is developed for spraying fruit trees. The drone can hover, spin and hover at a certain point. Users can set fixed points or slopes for increased safety.


Manufacturer:Hongfei (China)
Product:HF T72
Max payload capacity:72L/75KG
No. rotors / effective swath width:8/more than 15 metres
Maximum flow rate:8-15L per minute
Droplet size110-400 μm
Spray capacity28-30 ha per hour
Max flight time (per charge):10-13 minutes when fully loaded
Battery capacity in mAh:42,000 mAh
Standard charge time:40 Minutes
Recommended retail price:From US $17,000 (FOB)

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