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HSE-UAV’s team of U.S. based experts have been selling commercial drones for more than a decade. Its shop includes training, support, financing, FAA consulting and a Drone Protection Plan. 

The TTA G200 drone is built to handle the toughest environments with years of use. The drone gives users the power to choose the right nozzles for any application. The user-selectable and non-proprietary spray components plus a fully-automated spray system ensure users the right application rates. With the TTA G200 they can just type in the desired rate and the system will automatically adjust the flow rate and speed to meet that application rate.

The G200 is easy to transport with just one person folding arms and propellers. It has intentional stress-points, that assure inexpensive repairs if there is a crash. The drone is easy to use. Most customers can learn how to operate it with minimal training and time.


Manufacturer: Beijing TT Aviation Technology (China)
Product: TTA G200-16L
Max payload capacity: 16L/16kg (16kg of seed)
No. rotors / effective swath width: 6 / 8.5-10.6m
Max flight time (per charge): 12-15min
Battery capacity in mAh: 17000 mAh LiPo
Standard charge time:20min (220v)/45min (110v)
Recommended retail price: $13,000