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Although the TTA G200-16L is a purpose-built spray drone, HSE-UAV has been involved in drone commercial drone sales for a decade and has participated in numerous USDA tests and trials to fine tune its application abilities.

This includes a choice of Lechler 110-01, 110-015, 110-02 nozzles to improve application and cut drift. These are mounted under the rotors with a distance of 1.67m (66in) between the two outer nozzles. Liquid is supplied by two, pumps with an in-line flowmeter automatically adjusting flow from 1.4-5.76 L/min (0.37-1.52gpm).

Control, via an Android device, through the supplied AgriAssist software provides fully autonomous, GPS-assisted, Perimeter, Obstacle Avoidance (front & rear) and Radar-guided Terrain Following operating modes. Flight plans can be built using the standard Google Maps interface or users can import their own maps. It is not yet swarm compatible. HSE provides a choice of in-person or virtual operation training as well as a 24/7 support portal.


Manufacturer: Beijing TT Aviation Technology (China)
Product: TTA G200-16L
Max payload capacity: 16 litres
No. rotors / effective swath width: 6 / 8.5-10.6m
Pressure gauge: No
Max flight time (per charge): 12-15min
Battery capacity in mAh: 17,000 / 1 battery
Standard charge time:
Recommended retail price: $20,000