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The XAG V40 can spray, seed and map from one system. It includes a generator, and the battery can recharge in 11 minutes regardless of local power voltages. It offers quick-swap tanks, a broadcast seeder and a mapping/crop health sensor. Its precision technology includes RTK centimetre-accuracy.

Programming flights for the V40 ag spraying drone is done in the XAG Mobile App. The spraying drone app is easy to use and allows for importing of AI prescription maps (from the RealTerra mapping system) or can be programmed by manually outlining fields.

The standard nozzles of the V40 are industry-best rotary atomisers which allow users to achieve high flowrates without pump/pressure limitations or clogging.

The V40’s revolutionary dual-rotor design covers up to 37 acres per hour in a compact drone easily carried by one person. Its gigantic propellers increase canopy penetration for even and thorough coverage; perfect for orchards, vineyards, and traditional row-crops.


Manufacturer: XAG (China)
Product: XAG V40
Max payload capacity: 16 litres or 25 kg
No. rotors / effective swath width: 2/6-10 metres (19.6–32.8 ft)
Max flight time (per charge): 20 minutes
Battery capacity in mAh: 20,000 mAh
Standard charge time:11 minutes
Recommended retail price: $22,000