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The AG-116 is Hylio’s original AgroDrone. Designed and built in the USA, the 16 litre capacity sprayer sits between the between 22-litre, AG-120 and 11-litre, AG-110. It can be equipped with a single pump and electronic flowmeter to supply 8.3l/min or, with a twin-pump system, up to 16.6l/min. Six TeeJet nozzles are mounted on a boom underneath the drone.

All AgroDrones come equipped with RTK capable receivers and operation is via a controller, supplied, which also doubles as a video monitor. Lifetime access to Hylio’s proprietary AgroSol ground control station software is included. As well providing planning, fully autonomous operation and control, it also includes a swarm control facility.

Hylio provides unlimited remote support and its ‘Enterprise kit’ includes a full, 6-8hr training course covering handling and maintenance, precision agriculture knowledge as well regulations and safety.


Manufacturer: Hylio (USA)
Product: AgroDrone AG-116
Max payload capacity: 16 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width: 6 / 7.6-9m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): n/a
Battery capacity in mAh:22,000 / 1 battery
Standard charge time: 30min
Recommended retail price:about $27,000