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Hylio says it is leading the industry in automation, with true swarm control from a single, central ground station device (laptop or tablet) and a wide variety of precision application modes such as spot spraying, variable rate and multiple-polygons.

The drones are made in the USA and use high quality hardware and software. Hylio emphasises to offer excellent aftersales as well. The company says its data integration is better than other existing platforms, with digital as-applied maps accessible and searchable directly within a ground control app. These can be exported in a variety of formats for billing and compliance reporting.

Users can easily import and export field boundaries and application data to and from other industry software platforms such as MyJohnDeere. Hylio views its mission as selling an entire system (which includes hardware, software, after sales support, and industry know-how) that dramatically boosts return on investment and productivity.


Manufacturer:HYLIO (USA)
Max payload capacity:20 litres or 33.4 kgs
No. rotors / effective swath width:8 rotors / 272 cm tip to tip
Max flight time (per charge):Up to 35 minutes (no payload) or 10 minutes (full payload)
Battery capacity in mAh:2 x 16000 mAh 12S (44.4V) LiPo Batteries
Standard charge time:25 minutes / fast charge 15 minutes per battery
Recommended retail price:$30,080

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