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The AG-230 boasts a large tank capacity and is ideal for industrial-scale applications. The AG-230, alone or in a swarm, is perfect for taking on big acreage. With aerospace grade materials, redundant sub-systems, and easily serviceable components, the drone will do the heavy-duty work on the farm.

A 915 MHz radio telemetry modem can communicate directly with one, or multiple, Hylio UAS. The radio modem can connect directly to a computer or tablet device via USB. The operator can communicate with the UAS without the need for internet connection. Hylio’s UAS are designed to fly completely autonomously via computer control, but an RC controller is included that allows for intuitive manual flight control. The controller also doubles as a video monitor for the FPV (First-Person-View) camera feed.

The standard configuration of the AG-230 is equipped with a total of 16 nozzle frames secured onto carbon fibre rods located beneath four of the motors. These nozzle frames are compatible with any TeeJet-style nozzle tips. Operators can change nozzle types simply and quickly, by hand. The AG-230 can be folded for easier transportation, in this mode, its dimensions are: 112x112x89 centimetres (44x44x35 inches). Without batteries, the AG-230 weighs 29.5 kgs (65 pounds).


Manufacturer:Hylio (USA)
Max payload capacity:30.3 litres (8 gallons)
No. rotors / effective swath width:8 /up to 10.7 metres (35 ft)
Max flow rate7.6 litres (2 gallons) per minute
Spray capacity50 acres (20.2 hectares) per hour, at a 3.8 litres (1 gallon) per acre rate.
Max flight time (per charge):10 -15 minutes (full payload)
Battery capacity:16,000 mAh per battery (The AG-230 uses two batteries for flight)
Standard charge time:25-30 minutes
Recommended retail price:Price starts at US $31,000

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