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Hylio calls the AG-272 its Texas-sized drone. With a 68.2-litre (18-gallon) capacity, and up to 12.2-metre (40ft) swath width, it can cover up to 50 acres per hour at a 7.6 litre (2 gallon) per acre application rate. The AG-272 is a system for producers and applicators who want to tackle hundreds, or even thousands, of acres per day.

The waterproof, fully autonomous, eight-rotor UAS platform is designed and manufactured by Hylio. It comes equipped with a high-precision spraying system, TeeJet nozzles, and electronic flowmeters. Operators have real-time access to GPS position, flow-rate, altitude, and more.

For applications with centimetre-level precision, the operator can utilise Hylio’s RTK base station solution. The GPS units equipped on the drone are already compatible with the base station. The AG-272 is equipped with multiple wide-angle radars pointing laterally, upwards, and downwards. These radars give the AG-272 a near-complete sphere of radar detection and avoidance.


Manufacturer:Hylio (USA)
Max payload capacity:68.2 litres (18 gallons)
No. rotors / effective swath width:8 /up 12.2 metres (40ft)
Max flow rate15 litres (4 gallons) per minute
Spray capacityUp to 50 acres (20.2 hectares) per hour, at 7.6 litre (2 gallon) per acre rate.
Max flight time (per charge):10 -15 minutes (full payload)
Battery capacity:42,000 mAh (The AG-272 uses two batteries for flight)
Standard charge time:25-30 minutes
Recommended retail price:Full Kit starts at $78,500

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