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John Deere is the only tractor manufacturer to offer a universal retrofit autosteer solution for other brands. Its AutoTrac Universal 300 electrical steering system can be fitted to over 600 approved platforms.

What is the most striking detail of your system?
The system can easily be moved between different machines/platforms and has an automated calibration process. Dust and moisture resistant for use with an open station tractor; available as entry-level solution with possibility for later upgrade (e.g., to higher receiver accuracy or additional features like section control).

How is it fitted?
Installation is usually done by John Deere dealer but can also be done by customer. Installation time depends on platform and integration level.

Can it be fitted on pre-installed or factory fitted vehicle components?
Yes, John Deere “GreenStar ready” harnesses and components can be used.

Can you take the system to another vehicle?
With a basic installation (no deep vehicle integration like harnesses behind covers) the system can be swapped in 30-45 minutes from one vehicle to another with a bit experience and craftmanship. Receiver and display are easily demounted if not used.

What happens if satellite or correction signals lack or fail?
“RTK Extend” offers up to 14 days of RTK accuracy without new RTK correction signal (e.g., if signal is interrupted due to poor cellular coverage). The use of multiple GNSS in parallel (e.g., GPS, GLONASS…) allows for better system stability as it reduces shading issues.

What patterns are available?
Straight tracks, AB-curves, adaptive curves, circle tracks, boundary tracks. In addition: straight tracks with access pattern for specialty crops etc. Multiple boundaries per field possible (driven or based on headland), marker/flag in adjustable categories available.

How often and at what costs is the software updated?
3 times per year, software update available for free.

Which licenses/unlocks are available and at what costs?
Receiver upgrades from SF1 (15 cm path-to-path accuracy, free of charge) to SF3 (3 cm accuracy, 9-month repeatability) to RTK (2 cm accuracy, repeatable). Display comes with documentation, VRA and wireless data transfer (hardware for wireless exchange necessary) in base, additional activations for different customer needs available. For price information please contact local dealer.

Company name and nationalityJohn Deere, USA
Product nameAutoTrac Universal 300 (electrical)
Suitable brands and tractor/vehicle modelsOver 600 approved platforms
Technical requirements for tractor/vehicle12V electric, hydraulic steering system
Which global satellite systems does it support as standard?GPS & GLONASS
What type of terminal(s) are available?Gen4 4240 or Gen4 4640 Universal Display
Terminal size(s) (inch)4240: 8.4”, 4640: 10.4”
Type of display/screenTouch screen, lcd
Is it waterproof/water resistant?4240: waterproof, 4640: in-cab installation only
What application map and data formats does it support?Rx maps in ESRI Shape file format
Is your solution Isobus compatible?yes
Can you engage autosteer with a button on the tractor arm rest/joystick?yes
Is it capable of doing autoturns on headlands?no
Can it control/operate sections of sprayers, seed drills, etc?yes, via Isobus up to 255 sections
Possible minimum and maximum driving speeds with autosteer engagedMin. 0,5 km/h, max. 37 km/h (depending on platform)
Main components autosteer systemDisplay, receiver, ATU300 steering unit and main installation harness
Rough retail priceStarting at € 8.490 (complete system)

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