USA equipment dealer implements AI for farmer service and support

19-07-2023 | |
Eric Torgerson took over his father's dealership, growing it into a company with 14 dealership locations and 2 arable farms
Eric Torgerson took over his father's dealership, growing it into a company with 14 dealership locations and 2 arable farms. - Photo: Mark Pasveer

Torgerson’s, a prominent Case New Holland equipment dealer in the US, has partnered with AGvisorPRO Inc to enhance their maintenance and service operations using AI-driven technology.

Through their pilot agreement, Torgerson’s has implemented the visorPRO system, enabling them to provide fast and accurate support to farmers. Leveraging visorPRO, Torgerson’s service personnel can enter farmers’ inquiries into the system, which utilizes AI capabilities and large language models to generate customized answers within 30 seconds.

How AI advice with source works

What sets visorPRO apart is its ability to reference specific manuals and page numbers, providing reliable and precise information, according to AGvisorPRO. The AI-driven service system operates as follows:

  • The dealer first loads all technical manuals.
  • Questions from farmers are entered by the service or technical support staff.
  • Using large language models and AI, visorPRO generates an answer for the service technician within 30 seconds.
  • The visorPRO response includes references to the corresponding manuals and page numbers, reducing the uncertainties often associated with AI systems like GPT Chat.
  • Now, a “Human in the Loop” scenario occurs; the service technician reviews the visorPRO response and forwards it to the farmer.
  • Alternatively, the service technician can supplement the response with their own experiential knowledge before sending it to the farmer.
  • The service technician’s response is captured by visorPRO and added to the dealer’s visorVAULT, enhancing the reliability of every interaction with farmers and building a legacy of knowledge for the dealer.

Over time, this enables new service technicians to not only have technical access to the manuals but also access the archived knowledge of the dealer’s team, reducing the learning curve for new staff members.

Solution for employee shortage?

The implementation of this AI service improves operational efficiency, reduces response time for technical support, and builds a knowledge legacy for Torgerson’s team, as promised by AGvisorPRO. New technicians benefit from access to technical manuals and the accumulated expertise of experienced personnel, minimizing the learning curve and enabling confident responses. Furthermore, this AI service could partially address the issue of the growing shortage of skilled technical personnel in the agricultural mechanization sector.

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Geert Hekkert Chief editor of Future Farming
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