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Robot: Sprout
Task(s): Precision harvest platform for Green Asparagus. More crops to come in 2024
Development start: 2020
Pricing: As a service, crop specific, price undisclosed


Sprout is a fully electric, lightweight robotics platform capable of carrying a huge variety of tools, initially for selectively harvesting vegetables. The first tool that is available is for green asparagus harvesting. As a platform, Sprout can work year-round in different crop and field-tasks.

Drive train type

Electric four wheel drive, rear wheel steering



Navigation system

Sprout navigates with a combination of RTK-GPS and visual row identification.


Name/type robotSprout
Dimensions1.8m x 1.8m, 1.5m, track: 150-180cm
Turning radius1.8m
Energy sourceLi-Ion Batteries (Electric)
Energy stock/rangeFull Battery Charge: 12 hours
Navigation systemRTK-GPS + Visual
Output capacity2 seconds per spear, 3-5ha per day
PricingAs a Service – Crop specific pricing
Availability (countries)United Kingdom
Units operational (total end 2022)1. In 2023 we will operate 5 units as a herd

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