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  • Manufacturer: Naïo Technologies
  • Robot: Dino
  • Task(s): Mechanical weeding and cultivation
  • Development start: 2016
  • Pricing: Sells from €110,000 ($124.500)


The Naïo Dino is a follow-up to the Oz and is quite a bit larger and heavier, also powered by LeFePo4 lithium batteries. Dino navigates your field autonomously with a 2 cm precision range thanks to a guidance system that combines the information from RTK GPS and other sensors. Dino detects crops rows and adjusts the tools to weed as close to the plants as possible.

Drive train type

The robot is battery-powered and electrically driven.


Dino can easily lift advanced weeding equipment of up to 200 kg and can drive up to 5 km/h with a working width of up to 2,25 m for 8 hours. Powered with 4 independent motors with 600 watts.

Navigation system

The Dino is guided by GNSS and RTK corrections via a cellular network provided from a local supplier. To bridge GNSS outages, a compass is mounted in addition to ensure accurate guidance. To plan the path, you can use the battery powered GNSS receiver, connect it via Wi-Fi with your smartphone and lock the relevant positions in your field. The perfect results can be achieved if the receiver is mounted with the magnetic socket on the seeder or planter logging the paths. Afterwards share that with your dealer or the Naïo team to create a map and upload this via USB to the robot. Obstacles are detected with the two LiDAR sensors and in addition with the bumpers in front/back of each wheel.

Look for all specifications in the table below.


Name robotDino
DimensionsLength: 2.50m/8.24 feet. Width: 2.50m/8.24 feet. Height: 1.40m/4.71 feet. Track width: 1.60-2.25/5.30-7.46 feet
Turning radiusZero-turn
Weight  1,100kg including tool holder
Energy source  Batteries
Energy stock/range  Up to 8 hours
Driveline  4-wheel drive
Output capacity  Up to 5 ha per day
Navigation systemGPS RTK guidance
Pricing  Sale. Dino can be purchased from € 110,000 ($ 124.500), leased or booked as a service depending on the country
Availability (countries)Is for sale worldwide
Units operational (total end 2021)  50

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