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  • Manufacturer: Naïo Technologies
  • Robot: Ted
  • Task(s): Mechanical weeding and cultivation in vineyards
  • Development start: 2018
  • Pricing: Sells from €125,000


The Naïo Ted − the latest development from Naïo − debuted in 2018. It shares its technology and driveline with the Dino, yet it resembles a straddle tractor for use in vineyards. Ted is easy to use. The universal mounting frame offers the possibility to adapt various tools. The robot offers effective and precise mechanical weeding, without herbicides, which respects your soil and crops. Ted can work 8 hours a day autonomously.

Drive train type

The robot is 100% electrical


Speed goes up to 6 km/h (Eu) or 3.7 mph (US). Length 450 cm, width 142-185 cm (adjustable) and height 200 cm (+/- 30cm adjustable).

Navigation system

Ted uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles in vine rows, to decrease speed and – if necessary – to stop. It also has mechanical probes on its tools to ensure crop safety. The robot makes use of GPS RTK guidance and is equipped with on-board security system.

Look for all specifications in the table below.
Name robotTed
DimensionsLength: 450cm, Width: 142 – 185 cm (adjustable), Height: 200 cm (+/- 30cm adjustable)
Turning radiusUndisclosed
Weight  1.7 t
Energy source  Electric batteries
Energy stock/range  Up to 8 hours
Driveline  Electric batteries
Output capacity  Up to 5 ha per day
Navigation systemGPS RTK guidance
Pricing  Sells from €125,000
Availability (countries)Is for sale worldwide
Units operational (total end 2021)  19

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