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Robot: La Chèvre
Task(s): remove weeds
Development start: 2018
Pricing: Sale US $500,000 or leasing for US $50,000 per growing season (€506,740 or €50,674 according to the exchange rate of 22-09-2022)


The robot is capable of removing weeds from many different crops while operating 24 hours a day. It is able to recognise crops at all stages of growth and uses cameras and a neural network to differentiate between weeds and crops. La Chèvre is specialised in removing weeds accurately without damaging crops. The robot is constantly collecting data about the crop and growing conditions. This information allows the farmer to make more educated decisions about soil fertility and disease remediation. Records from the growing season result in potential for improved growing conditions.

Drive train type

Electric drive system (propulsion motor operated).


As productive as 5 field workers pulling weeds, hybrid power system, has a hitch tube to pull the robot with a tractor.

Navigation system

The robot uses RTK-gps to autonomously navigate through the field. A-B waypoints are used for navigation in the row and a turning sequence happens at the end to align with the next row. There are LiDAR’s on the corners of the robot to avoid running into obstacles.


Name/type robotLa Chèvre (Can)
DimensionsLength 15.5″, width 7.4″, height 7.2″
Turning radiusZero-turn
Weight1,600 kg
Energy sourceBattery powered (which is charged through a diesel generator)
Energy stock/rangeDepends on the usage (battery could last 1-2 hours of light usage before charging)
DrivelineElectric drive system (propulsion motor operated)
Navigation systemRTK-gps, LiDAR sensors to detect obstacles
Output capacity0.1 acres/hour
PricingSale US $500,000 or leasing for US $50,000 per growing season
Availability (countries)North America
Units operational (total end 2022)6 units

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