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Robot: Slopehelper
Task(s): Multifunctional vineyard and orchard robot
Development start: 2019
Pricing: US $85,000 – US $160,000 (€86,145 – €162,156 according to exchange rate of 22-09-2022)
Note: Price according to statement 2021


The nature of Slopehelper’s autonomous activities partly already is in its name: providing growers with a multifunctional robot for any activity in vineyards and orchards. This ranges from spraying and fertiliser application to trimming, mulching, HV cutting, deleafing and harvesting. The robot is electrically driven, fully runs on lithium batteries and can handle slopes in any direction of up to 42 degrees, traveling at maximum speeds of 10 km/h (6 mph) and up to 14 hours on a single charge. Its body is sealed and waterproof. Slopehelper is able to autonomously determine the end of the row and perform an autonomous U-turn for the next row. It incorporates an auto-balancing central cargo platform ensuring that the centre of mass is always within the vehicle’s dimensions.

Drive train type



48 Volts on board, immediate pulling force over 20 kN, slopes of up to 42 degrees, only electromechanical transmission including the attached implements.

Navigation system

To navigate on a plantation, Slopehelper uses differential GNSS, touch sensors, and radars. Radars scan the surroundings area and help detect obstacles. Slopehelper can work at any time of the day thanks to permanently active radars, sensors, and an on-board plantation map.


Name robotSlopehelper
DimensionsLength : 2.60m/8.64 feet. Width : 1.60m/5.30 feet. Height: 1.30m/4.32 feet. Track width 1.60m/5.30 feet
Turning radiusUnknown
Weight  1.750 kg
Energy source  Batteries
Energy stock/range  One full battery set is enough for 14 hours of work (depends on the type of operation).
Driveline  Electromechanical
Output capacity  1 hectare per hour depending on the type of operation.
Navigation systemSlopehelper uses differential GNSS, touch sensors, and radars.
Pricing  US $85,000 – US $160,000 (€86,145 – €162,156 according to exchange rate of 22-09-2022)
Note: Price according to statement 2021
Availability (countries)Europe
Note: Availability according to statement 2021
Units operational (total end 2022)  22
Note: Units operational according to statement 2021

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