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  • Manufacturer: Pixelfarming Robotics (Netherlands)
  • Robot: Robot One
  • Task(s): Chemical-free weed control
  • Development start: 2017
  • Pricing: Sale. €185,000 (US $208,000)


Pixelfarming Robotics is working on a range of robots for pixel farming. The initial robot was developed in 2017, followed by Robot Zero in 2018 and Robot One in 2019. It is electrically powered with solar power panels on the roof and the solar energy is stored in lithium batteries. It weighs about 1,650 kg and uses FPRS as management software in which both routes and tasks are planned and assigned to one or more robots. The Pixelfarming Robot One performs tasks autonomously and navigates along assigned routes using GPS, vision and waypoints. It uses multiple (a maximum of ten) individually controlled robotic arms. Crop recognition with 3D cameras is used to select specific tasks.

Drive train type

All-electric, 4-wheel drive, 16 kW, all-electric, 4-wheel steering, 12 kW peak. Minimum speed: 1 cm/s, maximum speed: 2 m/s.


Lifting capacity: 100 kg per arm, 1,000 kg total, PTO electric power available: 3 kW, 48 VDC per arm, 200 A, 48VDC max. Electric outlets: 2 x 230 VAC 1 kW, 12 VDC 500W, 5 VDC 500W. Data capacity available for user: 4G 100 Mpbs, Wifi 300 Mbps. Camera: 6 x 4K high speed, lowlight, global shutter camera’s, 4 x Intel Realsense D435i stereo camera with depth sensing.

Navigation system

Robot One has LiDAR, camera sensing and dual RTK-gps. Tool/implement navigation is at 1 mm precision by using vision enhancement. It detects specific objects in its path and working area and uses simultaneous locating and mapping (SLAM) technology for local planning and obstacle avoidance. Robot One can work in low/no light conditions using RTK-gps, 4G and Laser Infrared detection.

Look for all specifications in the table below.


Name robotRobot one
DimensionsLength : 3.65m/11.11 feet. Width : 1.50m/4.11 feet. Height: 2.40m/7.10 feet. Track width unknown
Turning radius0.0 m/0.0 feet
Weight  1.650 kg
Energy source  12.3 kWh battery standard range pack, 990 Wp solar panels
Energy stock/range  12 hours in Dutch weather conditions
Driveline  Both fully electric and plug-in hybrid versions
Output capacity  For chemical free weeding with 10 arms equipped with standard hoes: 1 ha/hour in for instance green beans
Navigation systemRobot One has LiDAR, camera sensing and dual RTK-gps
Pricing  Sale. €185,000 (US $208,000)
Availability (countries)Europe
Units operational (total end 2021)  3

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