Privacy policy

Use of personal data by Reed Business bv

Reed Business bv is convinced that protecting the privacy of its customers, the visitors of its websites and the users of mobile applications is essential to its activities. Therefore, personal data of customers, visitors and users are treated and secured with the utmost care and Reed Business bv will observe the requirements set by the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens) and other privacy laws.

The data controller is Reed Business bv, Radarweg 29, 1043 XN Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The processing of personal data has been reported to the supervisory authority, the Netherlands Data Protection Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) in The Hague, the Netherlands, in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act.

Processing of personal data

Within the context of our services, Reed Business bv will record personal data. This is the case when you subscribe to a publication, visit a congress or follow a training, purchase an on-line product or service, use our social sites or mobile applications, have an on-line customer account, express your interests or make your interests known in another way, or otherwise contact Reed Business bv.

Your data concern data such as contact details, login data, data about payments, invoice data, products ordered, job-related data and/or interests expressed.

Reed Business bv will use such data for the execution and performance of the relevant agreement, within the context of offering a particular on-line product or service, social site or mobile application, for its other services and internal business operations, and to keep customers informed (on-line or by mail) of (new) products and services of Reed Business bv, of its group companies or of carefully selected (categories of) third parties. Your data may also be made available to carefully selected third parties for providing information or offers (on-line or by mail). If you do not wish to receive this information or these offers anymore, you can opt out any time you want.

Your email address

If you have provided your email address, for instance for registering for one of our on-line products, this email address can be used to inform you as a customer about similar products and services of Reed Business bv that are relevant or interesting to you. If you do not wish to receive this information anymore, you can opt out any time you want.

It is also possible that you have agreed to the email address being used for occasionally receiving information that is relevant to you about products, offers and actions of and by Reed Business bv or other particular (categories) of companies. These (categories of) companies are carefully selected by Reed Business bv and you will be informed about the (categories of) companies on which you may expect relevant information.

Clicking behaviour and IP address: aggregated analysis and reports

Reed Business bv’s websites keep records of general visiting data for the purpose of optimising the lay-out of the websites. Furthermore, these data may be used to post more specific information on the website, so as to enable Reed Business bv further to optimise its services to you. To this end, Reed Business bv also uses the IP address of your computer. This IP address is a number that is automatically allocated to your computer when you visit the Internet. These data can be used to see what use is made of the website and to make (aggregated) analyses and reports.

Personalised (email) messages and offers

For the purpose of making a customer profile, Reed Business B.V. may process data on your clicking behaviour on an individual level and combine them with your contact details, details on products ordered, job-related data and/or interests expressed. On the basis of your customer profile, Reed Business bv can fine-tune the contents of commercial (email) messages, including newsletters, to your preferences or make you offers that are specifically tailored to your interests in products or services of Reed Business bv and/or third parties in the form of advertisements on the websites, mobile applications and, for instance, newsletters.

Opting out

When providing its services and information Reed Business bv will try to take your preferences into account as much as possible. In many cases, Reed Business gives you the opportunity to express your preferences yourself, for instance on your own profile page of your account. If you do not wish to receive any information on (new) products and services (by mail, email, etcetera) or if you do not want your customer profile being made (anymore) – by processing data on your individual clicking behaviour and by combining them with your customer data – on the basis of which you may receive personalised newsletters and advertisements, you can report this by email to or in writing to Reed Business bv, for the attention of the Address Registration Department, P.O. Box 808, 7000 AV Doetinchem, the Netherlands. Please note that your last preferences expressed will be leading for Reed Business bv and that the processing of your preferences may take some time.

Inspection and correction of your data

You may examine the personal data that Reed Business bv has about you. If the information is incorrect, you can request to have it adjusted. You can address such requests for inspection or correction of your data to Reed Business bv, for the attention of the Address Registration Department, P.O. Box 808, 7000 AV Doetinchem, the Netherlands. You can also use this address if you have any questions about the way in which Reed Business bv handles your data.

Use of Cookies by Reed Business bv

Cookies are small pieces of information (files) that are left behind on your computer by a website. The website instructs the web browser you use to view websites (e.g. Internet Explorer) to store such cookies on your computer. Reed Business bv uses cookies on its websites. HERE you can see which of our websites use cookies with an explanation about the cookies used per website. For more information about the use of cookies, please find below an explanation made in cooperation with branch parties and discussed with supervisory authority OPTA.

Why do we use cookies? 

To offer you more service when visiting websites, most websites use cookies. Cookies are practical techniques that collect and use information to make the use of websites easier. For instance, cookies ensure that you can remain logged on to a website or that your preferences such as location and language are remembered. In addition, during your on-line shopping they keep track of your digital shopping cart. Thanks to these cookies website holders can also see how often customers visit their websites and which pages they view. Some cookies are used to follow your surfing behaviour, so that websites and advertisers will get to know your preferences and can show you more relevant advertisements. In most cases, advertisements are necessary to finance the website. Thanks to cookies these advertisements are adjusted to your own interests as much as possible.

Cookies are stored on your computer and you can remove them at any time desired. This is very simple. Click on one of the below icons to directly go to the manual of your browser. Please bear in mind that after having removed the cookies you will have to set your preferences or log on once again on some websites.

Important things to know: The use of cookies is safe. Email and telemarketing activities are not the result of cookies, because cookies do not store your email address or telephone number.

“Yesterday I was looking for a nice city trip. Today I saw on a news website an offer for a weekend in Paris. In short, the advertisement is adjusted to my interests of this moment”

“It is practical that I do not have to log on once again when visiting my favourite web shop.

By means of cookies the website remembers my user name and password.“

Reed Business bv, social sites and other websites.

On Reed Business bv’s websites you will find hyperlinks to other websites. On Reed Business bv’s social sites you will be given the opportunity to register, to sign in, and to log on via a social network (amongst others, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedin). Reed Business bv can, however, not be responsible for such parties’ treatment of your data. You should therefore read the privacy statement and use the privacy settings applicable on the website you visit or use.


Reed Business bv reserves the right to make amendments to this Privacy/Cookie Statement. Therefore, it is recommended to check this Privacy/Cookie Statement for the privacy policy of Reed Business bv.