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  • Manufacturer: Rivi Pietro (Italy)
  • Robot(s): PothaFacile
  • Task(s): cutting and collecting young plants in nurseries
  • Development start: 2019
  • Pricing: to be determined
  • Units active: 1 prototype

The Rivi Pietro PothaFacile is currently powered by LiFePo4 lithium batteries that guarantee autonomous operation for 18 to 20 km. Increased autonomy can be achieved by adding solar panels to feed blades for trimming in open fields. The idea is to standardise uniformity and savings when trimming phase young plants and to replace many workers. For navigation, Rivi Pietro is considering multiple solutions including GPS and laser tracking in open fields and wire-guided or radio-frequency systems in greenhouses. The machine has a movable trolley with mechanical registers that make it possible to adjust the cutting height for any type of plant. There is currently a prototype and field testing is planned for the first half of 2021.

Availability: The Rivi Pietro PothaFacile is not available yet.