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  • Manufacturer: Lapalme Agtech (Canada),
  • Robot: SAMI 4.0
  • Task(s): Harvesting and weeding
  • Development start: 2018
  • Pricing: €0.03 or US $0.04 per broccoli head harvested (product-service pricing system)


The SAMI 4.0 is towed behind a tractor in multi-unit formation (usually twenty per field). Using machine vision, it detects only the broccoli heads that ready to be harvested, with the capacity in development to harvest other vegetables (lettuce expected by end of 2022). Cutting is done with a water jet. The SAMI 4.0 also inspects and classifies harvested broccoli, boxes the heads, palletizes the boxes, and places them on a trailer. Eventually, SAMI will also be adapted to perform other tasks, such as weed detection and removal, insect identification, seeding, detection and treatment of diseased plants, soil analysis (moisture, fertilizer, pH) and more.

Drive train type

Not applicable – the SAMI 4.0 is towed by the tractor.


The SAMI 4.0 is equipped with two extensions on each side of the tractor with 10 robotic arms on each side. It also features a conveyor system which transports the broccoli to a trailer towed behind. The water tank for the water jet cutter is also located on the trailer.

Navigation system

Not applicable – pulled behind tractor.

Look for all specifications in the table below.


Name/ type robotSAMI 4.0
DimensionsLength: 2m Width: 10m Height: 4m
Turning radiusN/A – towed by tractor
Weight  5000 kg
Energy source  Electrical via PTO of tractor (100HP to exit PTO)
Energy stock/range  Transported by tractor. The water tank for the water jet cutter is located on the trailer behind. One tank allows cutting of 12 pallets of broccoli
Driveline  N/A – towed by tractor
Output capacity  1 broccoli head is cut every 3 seconds
Navigation systemNot applicable – pulled behind tractor
Pricing   €0.03 or US $0.04 per broccoli head harvested (product-service pricing system)
Availability (countries)Europe-Canada-US
Units operational (total end 2021)  1

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