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A domestic competitor to the Chinese giants DJI and XAG, Shangdong has recently started a co-operation with Drone4Agro. This Netherlands-based firm will now supply the CE approved U16L-4 application drone for those looking for a smaller model than its existing, home-built products.

Equipped with a 16 litre capacity tank, the U16L-4 has eight nozzles. These are fitted in pairs, facing forwards and backwards, under each of the four rotors to provide an effective swath width of 4-8m. A dual pump supplies flowrates between 3-8 litres/min with automatic rate control.

It comes with RTK positioning as standard as well as HD video camera. It offers completely autonomous operation via an, unspecified, App on the hand-held controller.


Manufacturer: Shangdong Unid Intelligent Technology (China)
Product: U16L-4
Max payload capacity: 16 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width: 4-8m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): up to 12-13min
Battery capacity in mAh: 16,000 / 1 battery
Standard charge time:n/a
Typical retail price: n/a