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  • Manufacturer: Small Robot Company
  • Robot: Tom
  • Task(s): Crop monitoring for weeds, disease, pests, yield prediction and fertiliser requirements
  • Development start: Unknown
  • Pricing: Provided as a service at €47.15/US $53.37 per hectare


Small Robot Company (SRC) aims to reimagine farming through per plant farming with robots that will monitor, seed, feed and weed the world’s main arable crops autonomously. Tom autonomously maps the entire field. It collects per plant data and processes it for insights at a field scale. It can build a detailed picture of crop health. Farmers know exactly how much nutrients a crop plant needs. Tom can also detect weeds, disease and pests and offers growers yield prediction. The impact of precision application is monitored. The robots of Small Robot Company are battery powered and weigh no more than 300 kg.

Drive train type



Tom uses 3 (1.56 kwh) rechargeable batteries. It has a Swiftnav GPS system and 2 GNSS receivers. Other features are: 6m camera coverage, 6 x 6 megapixel cameras, a ground sample distance (GSD) of 0.4cm/px, data storage capacity of 4TB (removable drive), 1.5 m/s forward speed, 4 wheel drive and a static ground pressure of 33.7 kpa.

Navigation system

Tom uses 2 GNSS receivers to provide RTK position with a 1cm accuracy. It has 360 Degree LiDAR for obstacle detection.

Look for all specifications in the table below.


Name robotTom
DimensionsDimensions Length : 1.91m/6.27ft. Width : 1.35m/4.43ft. Height: 1,32m/4.33ft. Track width 1.02m/3.35ft.
Turning radiusTurning radius 0.65m/2.13ft.
Weight  232 kg
Energy source  Electricity/batteries
Energy stock/range  Four hours on a battery charge. Farmers can swap batteries to continue operation.
Driveline  Undisclosed
Output capacity  20 hectares per day
Navigation systemUses 2 GNSS receivers to provide RTK position with a 1cm accuracy. It has 360 Degree LiDAR for obstacle detection
Pricing  Provided as a service at €47.15/US $53.37 per hectare
Availability (countries)UK
Units operational (total end 2021)  Undisclosed

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