20,000m2 artwork shows how light improves crop growth

20-01-2021 | |
Photo: Studio Roosegaarde
Photo: Studio Roosegaarde

A Dutch art project called Grow is an homage to the beauty and importance of agriculture. Grow is inspired by science exploring how certain “recipes” of light can improve plants’ growth and resilience.

Grow is an art project by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde. It aims to highlight the importance of innovation in the agriculture system: How can cutting-edge light design help plants to grow more sustainably? How can we make the farmer the hero?

20,000m2 of farmland as artwork

Grow consists of a design-based light recipe which shines vertically across 20,000m2 of farmland with leek (Allium porrum). You experience the artwork as ‘dancing lights’ across the huge agricultural field. The light is poetic, and inspired by photobiology light science technologies which, according to Roosegaarde, have shown that certain recipes of blue, red, and ultraviolet light can enhance plant growth and reduce the use of pesticides by up to 50%.

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Grow is part of the artist-in-residence program of Rabobank. Daan Roosegaarde and his team of designers and experts developed the project over two years, informed by expert knowledge sessions at Studio Roosegaarde, Wageningen University & Research, Springtij Forum, and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming