2nd edition now available to read online

21-05-2018 | |
2nd edition now available to read online

Future Farming’s 2nd edition of 2018 is now online. This edition covers a wide variety of precision agriculture topics from all over the world.

We have an interview with scientist Tamme van der Wal stating that precision agriculture helps reducing climate gas emissions, everything you need to know about precision irrigation and a German pioneer explaining his way of precision farming.


Rise of the drones is what it says on the cover of the latest magazine. Will drones take over site specific and variable rate crop protection and precision fertilisation? In some parts of the world they are already tackling everyday tasks like these.

Irrigation systems

The theme ‘water management’ is covered from different perspectives. We look into how farmers are profiting from precision irrigation systems, into variable rate irrigation and how micro-irrigation can help Indian farmers. Izhar Gilad from Israeli specialist Netafim explains how artificial intelligence assists irrigation in optimising crop growth.

Precision horticulture

Also in controlled growing environments like greenhouses, precision agriculture or rather precision horticulture is taking off rapidly. Chinese tech giant Tencent explains why they started a competition to find the best people and technology for a fully autonomous greenhouse.

For all this information and much more, check out the latest Future Farming issue.

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René Koerhuis Precision Farming Specialist