Telefarmer: Autonomous farming platform from app to tractor

16-02-2023 | |
TeleFarmer is an autonomous farming platform inclusing an electric tractor for automating day-to-day tasks in specialty crops.
Agtonomy's autonomous electric tractor has 120 HP peak and 54 HP continuous power and a autonomously swappable battery system. - Photo: Agtonomy

The TeleFarmer autonomous farming platform is designed to empower farmers to remotely execute labor-intensive field tasks such as weeding, spraying, mowing and transporting.

TeleFarmer is “a game changer for many specialty crop farmers who are battling crippling labor shortages and associated rising costs,” according to San Francisco-based ag tech softwarestart-up Agtonomy.

Software, app and an electric tractor

The autonomous farming platform is comprised of software, apps and an electric vehicle (EV) reference tractor:

  • TeleFarmer Software: A tele-guidance software system that turns tractors into remotely operated vehicles. Equipped with proprietary TrunkVision, these tractors safely and accurately navigate within centimeter-level precision of any specialty crop.
  • TeleFarmer Service: Using this app farmers can plan and implement tasks such as in-row spraying, open-field mowing and transporting of harvested crops. The service also provides monitoring notifications and other key information needed for farmers to resolve issues as they arise remotely or dispatch someone to the field for larger issues.
  • TeleFarmer Reference Tractor: A fully electric reference tractor that precisely accomplishes labor-intensive field tasks even in the toughest terrain or at night.

Open field, in-row, and transport missions

Using the TeleFarmer App, a grower can assign tasks to his team, configure missions and workloads, and manage his blocks. TeleFarmer can do open field, in-row, and transport missions.

Once the planning is complete and the missions are running, you can folow them along live, track progress, and check the health of your equipment. If any issues arise, growers will receive a notification and be able to respond, on and off the farm.

“As a farmer myself, I founded Agtonomy to use technology as a means to give farmers more control over the economics of their operation,” said Tim Bucher, CEO and co-founder of Agtonomy.

Troubleshoot remotely

“With TeleFarmer, farmers can essentially clone themselves to plan and perform tasks in multiple locations and even troubleshoot those tasks from wherever they are”, said Bucher. “Using the app, they can follow along, track progress, check the health of equipment in the field and review reports to make changes for maximum efficiency on subsequent tasks.”

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming