Crop input application training course launched in US

27-06-2017 | |
Crop input application training course launched in US

Inexperienced North American farm equipment operators can now enroll on a comprehensive training course in handling crop spraying and fertiliser spreading machinery.

AGCO Asmark applicator training 02-c-AGCO

AGCO Asmark applicator training

Equipment manufacturer Agco and training resources company Asmark Institute are offering the course at a new 2.5ha (6-acre) training centre in Bloomington, Illinois. Asmark already provides courses in anhydrous ammonia and grain handling operations.

Up to 400 students a year can take the hands-on course to learn about crop protection spray and fertiliser application procedures, techniques, risk assessment and machinery. It is taught by instructors and experienced operators.

AGCO Asmark applicator training 01-c-AGCO

AGCO Asmark applicator training

Training course teaches accurate application of fertilisers

“Safe, accurate application of fertilisers and crop protection products has never been as important as it is today,” says Tom Warner of inputs supplier Crop Production Services.

“Students will leave well prepared to deliver quality application services and manage risk, and appreciative of how heavily farmers rely on an applicator operator’s expertise and attention to detail.”

The curriculum extends from basic maths and measurements to safe operation of field equipment, covering the fundamentals of machine maintenance, sprayer components and systems, tank clean-out procedures and the importance of keeping accurate records.

Peter Hill Machinery writer