New and improved Future Farming: Your guide to farming smarter

24-08-2021 | |
New and improved Future Farming: Your guide to farming smarter

The modern farmer is under constant pressure to deliver efficiently, sustainably and still make a living. To support farmers in this endeavour has been updated, providing even more insight on new developments and tools.

The volume of new technological developments can be overwhelming. That’s why Future Farming helps farmers around the globe identify what technology can improve their operation. Not just in the future, but here and now.

We aim to explain in a straightforward way how new technologies work, what the advantages are and what the disadvantages could be. Our main focus being on innovations that could have an impact on crop cultivation.

Our new revamped website offers you an overview of what is commercially available today, through our buying guides for field robots, automatic steering systems kits, autonomous steering systems kits, driverless tractors and agricultural drones. is and remains the gateway to the world of smart farming, used by a fast growing number of farmers worldwide. And can be your tool to farming smarter, minimise the use of chemicals and fertilizers, increase sustainability and profitability.

Our digital highway builds bridges between manufacturers and developers of smart farming technologies, independent experts and farmers. To access this highway, there is a modest charge for some of the content to keep it safe and reliable.

Geert Hekkert Chief editor of Future Farming
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