Raven opens campus for precision and autonomous agriculture

11-11-2020 | |
Photo: Raven
Photo: Raven

Raven will be opening a new location near Regina, SK as Raven Applied Technology’s Canadian Headquarters. This new facility is positioned to be the central campus for precision and autonomous agriculture innovation, training and service for Raven Canada.

Raven says the expansion within Western Canada solidifies the company’s commitment to pave the way in autonomous farming on a global scale.

“Establishing a headquarters for Raven Canada in Saskatchewan proves our dedication to this pivotal market,” said Brian Meyer, Vice President of Raven Applied Technology. “Our history with precision ag solutions in Canada has provided confidence that this location will be a catalyst for significant growth for Raven.”

Assembling, manufacturing and testing Raven Dot Power Platforms

Raven completed its acquisition of DOT Technology Corp., the Saskatchewan-based developer of the Dot Power Platform, in June of 2020. The new 21,000 sq. ft building will be at the forefront of autonomous support and innovation in Canada by being dedicated to assembling, manufacturing and testing Raven Dot Power Platforms. Located at 4 Industrial Drive West, Emerald Park, SK, the Raven Canada Headquarters will open November 2020.

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“In the past 11 months, Raven Autonomy has boldly grown in technology and partnerships. Through Dot, we have a long-standing relationship with the Canadian agriculture market and have seen interest in autonomous machinery that is unmatched,” shared Raven Autonomy Executive Director, Wade Robey. “Canada has proved to be a critical region for Raven for over 25 years. This new location will allow us to expedite product development, as well as provide outstanding service and support to our customers and partners.”

Raven partners with Economic Development Regina Inc.

In addition to opening the facility near Regina, Raven is partnering with Economic Development Regina Inc. (EDR) as a part of the Investment Partnership Program (IPP). Through this program, Raven will provide resources to EDR’s Agriculture and Food Initiative to support Saskatchewan collaboration for agriculture throughout Western Canada.

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming