SmartProtect-project focusing on IPM-solutions

19-04-2023 | |
Photo: Peter Roek
Photo: Peter Roek

The SmartProtect-project is a thematic network focusing on cross-regional knowledge sharing of SMART IPM solutions for farmers and advisors.

Its aim is to stimulate knowledge flow in the regional AKISs (Agriculture Knowledge and Innovation Systems) across the EU and connect these on the innovative potential of advanced methodologies for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in vegetable production, integrating precision farming technologies and data analytics. The SmartProtect Project is financed by the programme Horizon 2020.

Outcome is SmartProtect Platform

One of the outcomes of the SmartProtect project is a free online platform that compiles IPM solutions for vegetables production that are ready for practice in order to facilitate farmers daily agricultural practices. The IPM solutions can be found per techniques type or per application range. The SmartProtect Platform is an interactive tool, where users can also suggest IPM solutions to be incorporated and uploaded. Furthermore, it is available in 11 different languages (EN, FR, PT, NL, ES, DE, HU, SL, GR, LT, ET).

Technique types includes:

  • Application techniques (such as sprayer’s, spraying drones, UV-systems, distribution systems for benefices).
  • Decision support techniques.
  • Diagnostics and detections techniques (such as ELISA, RNA and DNA methods, and mobile disorder detection).
  • Monitoring techniques for crops and insects, while application ranges cover bacteria, beneficial fungi, insects, mites, nematodes and viruses.

The SmartProtect Platform contains a total of 183 innovative IPM solutions for the end-users such a farmer, farm advisors, SMEs, researchers, industry members aiming to provide access to available novel high-end information on vegetable IPM. This information has an easy structure in order to simplify knowledge transfer.

Ed Asscheman Online editor Future Farming