Solectrac announces electric tractor dealer in U.S.

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The Solectrac e25 compact electric tractor. - Photo: Solectrac
The Solectrac e25 compact electric tractor. - Photo: Solectrac

Brim Tractor in Lynden, Washington, is the first certified Solectrac dealer on the West Coast and will offer Solectrac’s full line-up of electric tractors.

Brim Tractor will offer the e25 compact electric tractor and the e70N, a powerful, narrow electric tractor purpose-built for vineyards and orchards. Solectrac says it will further expand its dealer network outside of the Pacific Northwest this year to meet the increasing demand for the company’s electric tractors.

Solectrac electric tractors, which are assembled in Santa Rosa, California, are available for purchase at all Brim Tractor locations in Washington, which include Lynden, Mount Vernon, Pacific, Rainier and Chehalis, in addition to Brim’s locations in Rainier, Salem and Eugene, Oregon.

e70N electric tractor

The 70 hp category e70N electric tractor offers 3 to 8 hours runtime depending on the load. The range can be doubled with an exchangeable pack. Charging takes 8-10 hours with 220 VAC, 50 amps, and 6 hours with an 8 kW solar array. The tractor accepts all category 1 and 2 implements on the rear 3-point hitch, 540 rpm PTO, with a lifting capacity of 2000 lbs.

The 25 hp category e25 is a versatile, 4WD tractor, which offers 3-6 hours runtime with a 22 kWh battery pack, depending on load. The battery can be charged in under 8 hours from a 220VAC, 30-amp outlet or overnight from a 110VAC, 15 amp outlet. The e25 accepts all Category 1, 540 PTO implements, including hydraulics on its rear 3-point hitch.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming