130 hp fully electric tractor from Turkey

13-08-2021 | |
Photo: ZY Electric Tractor
Photo: ZY Electric Tractor

Turkish company ZY Electric Tractor has developed a fully electrically powered tractor. Mass production of the ZY tractor will commence this year.

The ZY electric tow tractor looks like an ordinary standard tractor with a cabin. However under the hood there is no diesel engine, but a gigantic battery pack with a capacity of 95 kWh. According to the data released by the company, the battery pack is sufficient for approximately 5 to a maximum of 7 operating hours.

The batteries can be charged via the standard charging points for electric cars or via the power network on the farm. Depending on the capacity of the charging point, the battery is fully charged within about 45 minutes..

Continuously variable drive

The ZY tractor can work with all standard implements. The external hydraulics are powered by a separate 20 hp electric motor that drives a hydraulic pump. The tractor can deliver a maximum power of 160 hp to the power take-off (PTO). The four wheels are continuously variable driven by a large electric motor which delivers a maximum of 130 hp.

The driver can check the charging status, among other things, via a large display. When the charge level drops below 15%, it also warns the driver with an audible signal. The energy consumption values are also immediately visible. The tractor is also equipped with GPS navigation as standard.

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Battery pack life

The purchase price of the tractor is not known yet. Regarding the lifespan of one of the most valuable parts on the tractor, the battery, the company says the following; since a tractor works an average of 750 hours per year, the battery capacity of the tractor will decrease by 20% after 24 years. With the replacement of the battery pack, this capacity can be increased again to 100%. Depending on the conditions at the time of replacement, battery life is likely to increase.

ZY Elektrik Tractor

ZY Elektrik Tractor is a Turkish company founded by the partnership of Önder Yol and Ziraat Private Equity. Önder Yol has been involved in research activities in electric vehicle software and battery management systems since 2003. With the knowledge and experience he has gained, Yol has been involved in the development of electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Mass production

While the development of the electric tractor prototype was completed in recent years, the company “ZY Electric Tractor” was established in cooperation with Ziraat Private Equity in order to switch to mass production. The factory with a production capacity of 1,000 electric tractors per year should be operational in 2021 according to the information the company shares via its website.

Geert Hekkert Chief editor of Future Farming