SVG Ventures releases THRIVE TOP 50 AgTech reports

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SVG Ventures releases THRIVE TOP 50 AgTech reports
SVG Ventures releases THRIVE TOP 50 AgTech reports

SVG Ventures has compiled a list of the TOP 50 AgTech growth stage companies.

SVG Ventures-THRIVE in partnership with Forbes Live released the 2020 THRIVE TOP 50 AgTech and TOP 50 FoodTech Research Reports. For the past three years, SVG Ventures has compiled a list of the TOP 50 AgTech growth stage companies and new this year, have introduced the TOP 50 FoodTech companies.

8 different technology categories

Recognising companies across 8 different technology categories and 12 problem areas within agriculture and food, the reports are the result of six-months research and analysis by the SVG Ventures team with input from SVG Ventures corporate partners including Trimble, Land O’ Lakes, Wilbur Ellis, Kubota, Taylor Farms, National Pork Board, Elanco, Corteva Agriscience, E&J Gallo Winery, Valmont, Ernst & Young, Yamaha Motor Ventures, Driscoll’s Berries, JV Smith, and Wells Fargo.


Data Analytics & AI: Farmobile, Farmers Business Network, Prospera Technologies, The Yield, Taranis, Resson, Semios
IoT Software & Harware: MagGrow, Stellapps, Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Agrosmart, Agriwebb, Arable Labs, CropIn, Solinftec, Agworld, Bushel, CropX, Fieldin
Robotics and Automation: ecoRobotix, Robotics Plus, Farmwise Labs
Aerospacial & Drones: PrecisionHawk, Inc., Orbital Insight Inc.
Controlled Environment Ag: AeroFarms, BrightFarms, Bowery Farming, Gotham Greens, Plenty Inc., Infarm
Biotechnology: AgBiome, Biotalys, Biome Makers Inc., BioConsortia, Benson Hill Biosystems, Ginkgo Bioworks, Indigo, PlantResponse, NewLeaf Symbiotics, TerViva, Terramera, Vestaron, Trace Genomics, Inari, ZeaKal, Inc, Zymergen, Provivi, Pivot Bio
Other: Enterra Feed, Growers Edge

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Innovative technologies

According to SVG Ventures, “this annual ranking showcases these leading global AgTech and FoodTech companies who exemplify the best in agriculture and food-focused innovation. TOP 50 companies are scouted for their exemplary leadership teams, innovative technologies, investment and traction. To qualify for a spot on THRIVE’s TOP 50 listing a company must have received a minimum of series A funding, and have a product in market that is scaling.”

Top 50 companies in this year’s report are categorized in the following technology categories: Biotechnology, Controlled Environment Ag, Data Analytics & AI, IoT Software & Hardware, Robotics & Automation, Foodtech, and Packaging Tech.

“These exceptional companies are shaping the future of food & agriculture and delivering on the USDA’s ‘Innovation Imperative’ goals of increasing production and reducing the environmental footprint,” said John Hartnett, CEO SVG Ventures-THRIVE.

THRIVE TOP 50 FoodTech:

Data Analytics & AI: Afresh Technologies, WISErg Corporation, Winnow, FoodMaven, Imperfect Foods, Full Harvest, ICIX, Food LogiQ, Label Insight Inc, TasteWise, Brightloom, Ninjacart, Crowd Cow
IoT Software & Hardware: Telesense, ProducePay
Robotics & Automation: Soft Robotics, Bossa Nova Robotics
Biotechnology: Agriprotein, SafeTraces, IdentiGEN, Ancera, Clear Labs, CMS Technology, Nuritas, Memphis Meats, Geltor, Noblegen, Impossible Foods, Perfect Day, Future Meat Technologies, Manus Bio, Clara Foods
Foodtech: Apeel Sciences, InnovoPro, MycoTechnology, Hinoman, Ripple Foods, JUST, Protifarm, DouxMatok, Good Catch, Soylent, Epogee, Sunfed, Myoko’s Kitchen
Packagin Tech: TIPA CORP, Lactips, Hazel Technologies, BluWrap
Other: Farmer’s Fridge

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