Agrirouter machine data exchange platform online

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Agrirouter machine data exchange platform online
Agrirouter machine data exchange platform online

The web-based data exchange platform ‘agrirouter’ enables data exchange between machines, agricultural software products from different manufacturers and suppliers.

The web-based data exchange platform ‘agrirouter’ enables data exchange between machines, agricultural software products from different manufacturers and suppliers. For farmers and contractors with mixed machinery this has not been possible so far.

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Agrirouter launched at SIMA

The developers of the agrirouter, the German DKE-Data GmbH & Co KG based in Osna-brück, Germany, announced the official launch of the universal data exchange platform at the SIMA international agricultural technology trade fair in Paris.

Free account for every farmer

From 22.02.2019, every farmer or contractor can create a free account and set up his own individual ECO system consisting of machinery and agri-cultural software solutions. The agrirouter opens new possibilities for data transport. This simplifies processes and improves profitability, according to the developers.


Only the agrirouter user himself determines what happens to his data

“Farming 4.0 is within reach with the agrirouter. It is the solution to a core problem. The user compiles his personal agrirouter in the control centre on the agrirouter launchpad and determines with rules (so-called routes) who may exchange which data with whom and to what extent. Only the agrirouter user himself determines what happens to his data,” says DKE-Data.

The new data exchange platform is available with user interfaces in French, English and German.

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According to DKE-Data the agrirouter has proven its practical suitability during a practical demonstration last year with tractor/implement combinations and self-propelled vehicles from various manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

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First app vendors have implemented the possibility to connect to the agrirouter in their agricultural software. Several companies have also presented retrofit solutions for market machines, demonstrating that older machines can also be connected.

Machine data used across manufacturers

“The agrirouter is an important component of modern agriculture. It not only reduces interface problems, it also improves and simplifies many steps in the agricultural production process. The agrirouter offers many advantages for farmers and contractors, including the fact that machine data can be used across manufacturers,” says Dr. Jens Möller, Managing Director of DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG.

“This simplifies the documentation of the completed work, planned orders can be sent to the machine by telemetry and back to the user’s connected agricultural software after completion. The order-related cooperation between farmer and contractor will also become easier and more efficient for both sides.”

Dr. Jens Möller:

Modern agriculture needs tools like the agrirouter

He continues: “Modern agriculture needs tools like the agrirouter. Currently, 11 large agri-cultural machinery manufacturers with many well-known brands are shareholders in the agrirouter consortium and the number of app providers (partners) is growing continuously. In a few years’ time, data exchange, which is controlled and supervised by farmers and contrac-tors, will be part of everyday agricultural life.”

LearnBox for agrirouter users

A learning concept, the so-called LearnBox, was developed for agrirouter users. The Learn-Box enables the user to independently start up the agrirouter without training and to use all available functions. In the agrirouter user interface he will find question mark buttons at differ-ent places. These buttons are linked to the LearnBox.

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Entry free of charge – low usage fees

The usage fees for data transport via agrirouter are low, as DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG oper-ates as a non-profit company. In the agrirouter business model, the app providers are billed for the transported and received data volume. It is up to the app providers to determine whether they charge the fees to the app users. There are also mobile phone charges for the transfer of data between the machine and agrirouter.

Supported by a consortium of manufacturers

The approach is supported by a consortium of agricultural technology manufacturers open to further members who have jointly recognized that Farming 4.0 can only work if data can be exchanged independently of manufacturers and thus without discrimination. Currently the companies Agco, Amazone, Exel-Industries, Grimme, Horsch, Krone, Kuhn, Lemken, Pöttinger, Rauch and SDF are among them.

The software supplier of the agrirouter is SAP.

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