Arva and Planet offer satellite imagery for crop monitoring

03-06-2021 | |
Foto: Planet
Foto: Planet

Arva Intelligence has integrated Planet imagery into their CropForce data analytics platform. Growers and agricultural suppliers can now analyse fields in real time to track crop health.

“We are pleased to offer our clients access to Planet’s global, high-cadence satellite imagery. With CropForce, our clients can now aggregate multiple data sets, get imaging on the fly, and select an individual field or the whole operation with a click of a mouse,” says Matt Rohlik, Managing Director of Sales at Arva.

“We’ve watched Arva take predictive AI from the lab to the field and are excited to partner with them as they scale their work with leading agricultural manufacturers and suppliers,” says Zara Khan, Director of Business Development at Planet. “Together, we believe our work will promote more sustainable agriculture practices, and we’re eager to get started.”

Single platform for accessing data and analytics

“Our mission is to provide a single platform for accessing data and analytics to create more profitable and sustainable crop plans,” says Jay McEntire, Arva’s CEO. “Planet offers an important data layer to our AI platform and will advance our research in predicting soil carbon for our Arva Carbon Ready and Carbon Plus programs.”

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming