Blickfeld expands US operations

06-07 | |
Photo: Blickfeld
Photo: Blickfeld

LiDAR sensor technology company Blickfeld will open a new office in the Detroit area. A core focus of its expansion will be its software capabilities, including the company’s volume measurement technology for agricultural use.

Whether it’s managing plants and trees, livestock or even other common resources needed such as masses of food and water, LiDAR – a laser-based technology to exactly and reliably create 3D images of the surroundings – is exceptionally suited for the agriculture industry, states Blickfeld.

Fertiliser monitoring

The company’s real-time data, forecasts and volume reports are able to be collected at any point in time, providing farmers with reliable information 24/7. Blickfeld’s imported data provides agricultural companies with outdoor stockpile, log and fertiliser monitoring as well as further inventory analysis and forensics, ultimately enabling workers to access accurate data across multiple locations.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming