Brazilian farmers benefit from French fertilizer spreading technology

12-06-2017 | Updated on 22-01 | |
Brazilian farmers benefit from French fertilizer spreading technology

Brazilian crop sprayer maker Jacto will adopt precision fertiliser application technology for a new range of spreaders, thanks to an agreement with Sulky-Burel of France.

The companies say agricultural production in Brazil is expected to double over the next 15 years through increased productivity, more effective use of inputs and use of more efficient machinery.

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Sulky-Burel manufactures a range of tractor-mounted and trailed spreaders for fertiliser, lime and other sources of nutrients and soil conditioning.

Sulky’s even coverage and weigh-cell electronics

Sulky-Burel has developed spreading hardware that provides even coverage and weigh-cell electronics that deliver accurate application rate control. The most advanced spreaders use GNSS positioning data for auto headland on/off and section control to minimise overlaps where swaths converge.

Import taxes make it more attractive to manufacture equipment in Brazil than to bring in machines from elsewhere. Sulky-Burel’s technology transfer agreement with Jacto will enable the company to participate in the market.

For Jacto, the deal provides a route to developing a range of precision solids applicators complementary to its mounted to self-propelled sprayers without having to develop the sophisticated technology from scratch.

Peter Hill Machinery writer