CNHI acquires ISOBUS software specialist NX9

07-12-2021 | |
Photo: CNH Industrial
Photo: CNH Industrial

With the investment CNHI is to more efficiently innovate and develop products in the precision agriculture space.

CNH Industrial (CNHI) has acquired NX9, a software suite specialized in delivering ISOBUS core technologies and applications for agricultural equipment, and related intellectual property rights. According to CNHI the investment builds upon the company’s strategic impetus to more efficiently innovate and develop products in the precision agriculture space and deliver greater value for its farming customers.

Integrate streamlined ISOBUS capabilities

CHNI state the acquisition will openly integrate streamlined ISOBUS capabilities across the electrical vehicle architecture of its tractors and implements. This is to allow for seamless connection and command and control, including for mixed fleets; accelerate in-development projects; and bring in-machine solutions to market faster.

“ISOBUS is a plug and play solution for our customers, and that ease of operation is crucial to our digital agricultural business offering,” said Parag Garg, Chief Digital Officer at CNH Industrial. “We are eager to build upon our existing capabilities and put the NX9 team’s expertise to work, contributing to our overall strategy to benefit and serve our customers and dealers productively and effectively.”

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Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming