Cropin launches world’s first industry cloud for smart agriculture

12-09-2022 | |
Photo: Cropin
Photo: Cropin

Cropin Cloud is an intelligent cloud platform enabling agri-businesses accelerate the digital transformation.

Cropin Cloud is an integrated platform of applications for digitization, clean and contextual data pipelines for enhanced decision-making based on data analytics, and globally proven crop-specific, crop and geography-agnostic machine learning models.

According to Cropin their new Cropin Cloud can be a “great enabler in solving agri-ecosystem challenges such as traceability, yield unpredictability, supply chain disruptions, and other agri-food ecosystem challenges.” It comprises of several abilities and platform layers, including Cropin Apps, Cropin Data Hub, and Cropin Intelligence:

Cropin Apps enable a range of use cases such as global farming operations management, food safety measures, supply chain visibility, predictability and risk management, farm-to-fork traceability, farmer enablement and engagement, advance seed R&D, trialling, production management and multi-generational seed traceability. Cropin Apps also helps agribusiness adopt Climate Smart and Regenerative Agriculture, crop protection and nutrition management on/off the field, and monitoring and managing deforestation and carbon emissions.

Cropin Data Hub enables interfacing with multiple agri-data sources – on-field farm management apps, IoT devices, drones, mechanization data from farming resources, remote sensing satellite and weather data. Agribusinesses can now access structured and contextualized data from various sources for correlation and analysis at scale. Cropin Data Hub also has pre-built advanced data frameworks to solve the most challenging problems, such as cloud-free satellite imagery, boundary detection of farm plots, and segmentation of land use.

Cropin Intelligence is to help agribusinesses with intelligence around crop detection, crop stage identification, yield estimation, irrigation scheduling, pest and disease prediction, nitrogen uptake, water stress detection, harvest date estimation, change detection, among others.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming