Field Trails Podcast – Reliable, rapid, and reproducible field data | Part 2

25-07-2022 | |
Photo: Peter Roek
Photo: Peter Roek

What farmers need from next-generation agronomic tools, with Raj Khosla, precision agriculture expert and professor at Kansas State University.

What’s required to remove all guesswork from soil and crop analysis? According to Raj Khosla, professor, researcher, and precision agriculture expert at Kansas State University, inexpensive and practical sensors are the solution.

From in-soil sensors to technologies which analyze soil properties as equipment traverse the field. In part of this episode of Field Trials, Khosla reiterates farmers can only manage what they can measure, and that the scale of management and measurement must match.

A brief history of when and how GPS has come to revolutionize agronomy, as well as the significance of more targeted input management amidst North American climate policy goals, are also discussed.

“We know how to grow, and we can produce a lot. The challenge is how do we produce more with less?”

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