John Deere adds per-acre profitability to Operations Centre

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John Deere adds per-acre profitability to Operations Centre
John Deere adds per-acre profitability to Operations Centre

John Deere, together with Granular – an independent agricultural software company under the ownership of Corteva Agriscience – have released a new tool to help farmers view average cost, revenue and profit map layers at the sub-field level.

The system is called Profit Maps. As described in the official press release by Harley Janssen, product manager with Granular, Profit Maps “is a free tool that goes a step further and helps farmers assess the financial return on farming practices at a more granular sub-field level.”

Brad Silva, product manager with John Deere, added, “Advances in technology have allowed farmers to develop agronomic plans that turn variability across their fields into opportunities to improve their bottom lines. Profit Maps helps farmers see the financial impact of those decisions and adjust their management practices accordingly.”

Match seed varieties, fertilizers and chemicals

As planting and application events are completed in a field, Granular attempts to match the seed varieties, fertilizers and chemicals by comparing the product name (which can be entered into the Operations Center) with Granular’s benchmark input data.

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John Deere adds per-acre profitability to Operations Centre

After a field is harvested, revenue is associated to the field based on the yield documented in the Operations Center and the crop year’s projected prices provided by the USDA Risk Management Agency. Profit is communicated to the user in dollars per acre.

Profit Maps is currently being promoted solely as a United States feature. Nominal profits displayed in the tool are currently available in US dollars only.

Profit Maps first release from Deere and Granular collaboration

The press release also says Profit Maps is the first release of a multi-phased approach from the Deere and Granular collaboration. Customers can opt-in to Profit Maps by clicking the Granular Profit Maps icon on the tools menu in the Operations Center. From there, they can view average cost, revenue and profit maps in the Operations Center’s Field Analyzer tool.

JDLink Connect telematics

According to details provided by spokespeople replying on behalf of John Deere, the easiest way to use the Operations Centre system is through a John Deere machine connected with JDLink Connect telematics. The Operations Center itself, they say, is compatible with “many colors of machines and data formats”. Profit Maps will process data in the Operations Center, whether it was sourced from Deere or non-Deere displays.

Spokespeople also reiterated there is no charge to access and use the John Deere Operations Centre or the Profit Maps tool. However, by opting in, farmers do confirm they are willing to share their data with Granular.

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Matt Mcintosh Correspondent North America