John Deere AutoSetUp stores machinery settings in the cloud

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John Deere AutoSetUp stores machinery settings in the cloud
John Deere AutoSetUp stores machinery settings in the cloud

John Deere’s AutoSetup system enables users to manage and store tractor and implement settings in the cloud.

Operators can easily retrieve the settings when they enter a field, so lengthy setups for machine and field specific settings are only necessary once and further adjustments are no longer needed, says John Deere.

Activate all settings with 1 click

John Deere AutoSetup allows the operator to activate all settings with 1 click, once the complete machine profiles are stored. The preplanned job appears automatically on the cab display when the machine enters a field, so all the operator has to do is confirm the details.

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John Deere AutoSetUp stores machinery settings in the cloud

All data is also available in the John Deere Operations Centre web portal and so can be used for the entire machinery fleet. In addition, the data is stored in a cloud-based system, similar to the Apple iCloud.

AutoSetup supports the following settings:

  • Tractor settings such as pto speed, hitch and hydraulic valves;
  • Implement settings such as sprayer boom height and nozzle selection or slurry tanker tyre pressure;
  • Agronomic data such as field boundaries, guidance lines and application maps (ISO-XML is supported through the John Deere Operations Centre);
  • Documentation data such as fertiliser and crop protection applications.

Organise all jobs in advance

AutoSetup also enables farm and fleet managers to organise all jobs in advance, in the office, including application rates and maps plus all tractor and implement settings. The operator in the field can then change settings and adapt them to working conditions if necessary. This allows experienced drivers to optimise the applications and support other operators.

All ISOBUS compatible implements can be connected

Due to the open system architecture and cloud database, all ISOBUS compatible implements can also be connected to AutoSetup. Currently the system supports Kotte slurry tankers and John Deere trailed sprayers, but other implements can be adapted.

Available second half of 2020

AutoSetup will be available on selected John Deere tractors in the second half of 2020, and it can be retrofitted to models equipped with the latest Generation 4 display. Both the software update required for the retrofit system and the John Deere Operations Centre are free of charge.

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