MyEasyFarm connected to Cool Farm Tool, a CO2 emissions calculator

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Graphics: MyEasyFarm
Graphics: MyEasyFarm

MyEasyFarm, active in regenerative and low carbon agriculture, announced the connection of its platform to Cool Farm Tool, owned by The Cool Farm Alliance.

The Cool Farm Alliance is a not-for-profit membership organisation of over 160 members and partners, including the world’s largest agri-food companies, NGOs, academic institutions, farmers’ groups and agronomists.

Embedded calculator

The Cool Farm Alliance owns, manages and improves the Cool Farm Tool. Initially developed by the University of Aberdeen and funded by Unilever, the Cool Farm Tool is a an on-farm greenhouse gas calculator used by most of the world’s largest food and beverage companies to reveal changes that farmers can make to reduce emissions an sequester carbon with co-benefits for soil quality, water, biodiversity and farm economics.

Cool Farm Tool is used as an embedded calculator in the MyEasyFarm platform, thanks to its connection by APIs, and enables the calculation of a farm’s carbon indicators based on data entered by the farmer. These indicators are then aggregated at cooperative or agro-industrial level, to track Scope 3 CO emissions reductions or the achievement of regenerative agriculture specifications.

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