Orbia invests $ 3 million in SeeTree

25-11-2020 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Orbia Ventures has invested $?3 million in SeeTree, an agtech company that focuses on tree farming. SeeTree provides farmers with individual, per-tree insights to optimise resource usage in terms of land, water, fertilisers and crop protection.

Orbia’s precision agriculture business group, Netafim will incorporate SeeTree into its digital farming offering and support the development of SeeTree’s solutions.

Multi-layered data collection strategy

With the use of military grade drones, ground sensors, AI & machine learning tools, and boots-on-the-ground data collection, SeeTree’s end-to-end solution aims to offer a multi-layered data collection strategy introducing new resources for keeping trees healthy and maximising their productivity at low costs.

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“As a startup aspiring to make a difference in the digital farming and precision agriculture space, this investment by Orbia is an exciting opportunity,” said Israel Talpaz, CEO and co-founder of SeeTree.

“By tapping into Netafim’s global reach in the agriculture sector and leveraging its expertise, we look forward to working together to continue to showcase the value of a holistic, data-driven approach to customised farming.”

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming