Save time by monitoring irrigators with new SmartRain app

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Save time by monitoring irrigators with new SmartRain app

An online management and documentation system for Bauer irrigation systems can be accessed remotely by using an app for mobile devices that provides alerts, reports and control functions.

The SmartRain package is said to be unique in being suitable for Centerstar pivot and Rainstar drum irrigators in addition to Bauer diesel irrigation pumps; it can keep track of just one or several irrigation systems.

“Managers can save a lot of time by receiving information remotely about the progress of irrigation sessions, the timing of reel irrigator moves and of any technical issues that arise,” says Bauer sales manager Franz-Peter Roll.

“They can focus on other management duties knowing the irrigation systems are being monitored at all times while having access at any time to an overall view of irrigation progress across all their fields.”

The SmartRain internet platform, for which an initial plus annual licence fees are payable per machine, provides irrigator status, including satellite maps overlaid with individual and multiple irrigator status images, and comprehensive machine operating records.

Bauer SmartRain irrigator app 03-c-Bauer

The Bauer SmartRain remote irrigator display provides a quick view of the status of multiple reel or pivot irrigators. Photo credit: Bauer

Water usage and soil moisture readings

Also available are irrigation records on an individual field and crop basis, including water usage and soil moisture readings from sensors, while remote control is available in addition to routine setting-up functions.

The free mobile app, available for Apple and Android devices, provides remote control access to the irrigators and pumps, and receives SMS or email messages on designated mobile phones.

Bauer SmartRain irrigator app 02-Bauer

Alerts can be set up to highlight when an irrigation session is complete – with an advance message alerting operators to a reel irrigator run nearing completion so a move can be organised. Photo credit: Bauer

SmartRain GPS controller

“On farms with multiple irrigators, the manager can receive status reports from all machines but allocate status messaging from individual machines to specific team members so they only get the information they need,” explains Mr Roll.

The SmartRain system requires a solar-powered GPS controller, which is connected to the Universal PRO-G or new SmartTouch control units on a pivot irrigator or to the Ecostar 6000 controller on a Rainstar reel irrigator.

Product summary
Company: Bauer
Name: SmartRain
Type: Irrigation monitoring, documentation and remote control
Key feature: Provides comprehensive irrigator operations records and remote status monitoring and control using an internet portal and mobile device app
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