Sentera drone sensor collects 4 types of image data

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Sentera drone sensor collects 4 types of image data

Four multispectral imagers that can be customised to suit particular requirements are built into the latest precision remote-imaging sensor cluster from Sentera for crop-scouting drones.

Sentera Phoenix 01

Photo credit: Sentera

In its standard configuration, the Quad Sensor captures standard normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI), green NDVI, normalised difference red edge (NDRE) and high-resolution colour data in a single flight.

Custom filtering options provide virtually limitless imaging band configuration options, says the US manufacturer, with simultaneous collection of NDVI and NDRE data streamlining the gathering of informative insights about crop health.

Sentera Quad Sensor 01

Sentera Quad Sensor

Sentera has worked with agriculture universities to develop sensors that have refined understanding of how insects and disease affect the spectral response of agricultural crops, which in turn has helped develop customised sensors that can accurately and reliably collect data.

Sentera Quad Sensor 02

Sentera Quad Sensor

Sentera crop-scouting drones

The Quad Sensor weighs 170g, stores images on a 32GB SD memory card and is said to easily integrate with a number of commercial drones using plug-and-play technology, including the DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3, 3D Robotics Solo rotorcraft and Sentera’s own Phoenix fixed-wing platforms.

Ethernet and Serial/UART interfaces are included.

Product summary
Company: Sentera
Name: Quad Sensor
Type: Multispectral sensor for crop scouting
Key feature: Custom filtering options and ability to collect NDVI and NDRE data simultaneously
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