Steering wheel-mounted guidance system is easy to install

25-05-2017 | |
Steering wheel-mounted guidance system is easy to install

A steering wheel-mounted mechanical guidance system that can be shared between farm vehicles is becoming more widely available through TeeJet Technologies’ distribution channels.

The UniPilot Pro package comprises a split-ring gear drive unit clamped to the steering wheel and an anti-rotation bracket attached to the steering column.

Connected to a satellite location package and vehicle-control module, the device provides hands-free straight-line and curve steering to accuracy levels within the capabilities of the vehicle steering system.

TeeJet maintains the positive steering drive is a superior alternative to friction roller designs and an easier device to install than guidance products that require the steering wheel to be removed. An optional switch kit allows brackets to remain in place on vehicles that share the guidance device.

UniPilot Pro offers guidance visualisation over video

UniPilot Pro operates with TeeJet’s Aeros 9040 virtual display and either of the two Matrix Pro displays – the 5.7in 570GS and 8.4in 840GS – which provide guidance visualisation over video for a more realistic view of the route ahead.

In use, sensors disengage drive when the operator resumes manual steering, machine dynamics are monitored in three axes and a steering angle sensor can be installed for added accuracy with any level satellite location system from basic to Real Time Kinematic (RTK).

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