Topcon adds telematics to product portfolio

02-05-2017 | |
Topcon adds telematics to product portfolio

A telematics solution for farm vehicle fleet management data, fault warnings and security has been added to the Topcon Agriculture portfolio.

The Topcon AM53 data link and telematics solution from the firm’s telematics arm, Topcon Tierra, can be used to increase productivity, reduce fuel costs and emissions, improve machine security, and optimise machine maintenance and utilisation.

The telematics package – available through subscription plans with selectable features suited to individual user needs – provides access to daily machine run-time reports that can be used to optimise fuel consumption.

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Records of engine activity, including time spent idling, working and travelling can help owners improve efficiency and utilisation through changes to working practices and operator education, and service alerts aim to keep machine maintenance on schedule and catch faults before they become serious or cause damage.

In addition, security alerts are triggered if GeoFence boundaries or curfews are breached.


The Topcon Tierra AM53 telematics logger-transmitter. Photo: Topcon


The only hardware required is Topcon’s AM53 data logger and transmitter, which is installed in the cab and said to be rugged enough to cope with extreme conditions. Firmware updates are automatic and the user can get instant feedback through diagnostic LEDs.

Data logger capabilities

The lightweight unit offers complete localisation features and data logger capabilities, says Topcon, automatically recording a timestamp, global position and relevant data from the vehicle’s Can-bus network. Data packages are sent periodically through the mobile phone network.

Users can then access the data via the Topcon Tierra website or mobile app for analysis and to configure alerts and other features.

Peter Hill Machinery writer