xFarm Technologies and FieldView partner to help farmers make better use of farm data

30-01-2023 | |
The goal of the partnership is to enable an easy exchange of farm data and help to consolidate and simplify farming operations. - Photo: xFarm Technologies
The goal of the partnership is to enable an easy exchange of farm data and help to consolidate and simplify farming operations. - Photo: xFarm Technologies

The integration of FieldView and xFarm platforms is to improve farmers’ decision-making, allowing for better usage of farm data.

FieldView and xFarm Technologies announced a new partnership to connect their respective platforms. The goal of this partnership is to enable an easy data exchange for farmers and help to consolidate and simplify farming operations.

FieldView is Bayer’s digital farming platform. It enables farmers to collect, visualise and analyse agronomic data. In addition, farmers can use their data to make better agronomic decisions and optimize their operations through a system for generating prescription maps that allow them to perform spraying, spreading and seeding operations using variable rate technology.

xFarm offers a comprehensive farm management solution that integrates machinery and sensor data, decision support systems, satellite imagery, and other data sources, providing farmers with an all-in-one platform to enhance their daily work.

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Share farm data in real time

The partnership focuses on connecting the two platforms allowing users to share farm data between their FieldView and xFarm accounts in real time. Farmers will be able to share field boundaries as well as planting, harvesting and other operations data. This will allow farmers to leverage complementary capabilities, avoiding double data entry by using data from both platforms to improve the effectiveness of their agronomical practices through FieldView and optimize their farm management through xFarm.

Aligned with the Green Deal, increasing sustainable practices and digital traceability obligations, farmers will have the opportunity to use automatic data collection made through FieldView to document their farming activities into xFarm.

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Farmers in full control of data

Bayer and xFarm state farmers will remain in full control of their farm data and will be the only ones managing the connection between both platforms. They will be able to independently activate or revoke the connection at any time and enable or disable the data exchange.

The partnership between FieldView and xFarm Technologies is global and data transfer can be activated by users in any country where both platforms are commercialised. The active collaboration will however start in Spain and Italy, two countries where FieldView has been working successfully for years and where xFarm Technologies has a well-established presence.

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