Yara introduces new N-Sensor ALS nitrogen sensor

31-10-2018 | |
Yara introduces new N-Sensor ALS nitrogen sensor
Yara introduces new N-Sensor ALS nitrogen sensor

Yara has launched a new generation of their N-Sensor ALS. Features are robust LED technology, integrated dew recognition technology and variable angular and vertical measurement.

The new Yara N-Sensor ALS 2 also has smaller dimensions than its predecessor. It was developed by the Norwegian manufacturer of fertiliser Yara together with their strategical partner Agricon GmbH in Germany.

Yara N-Sensor ALS 2 easier to mount

The new generation N-Sensor is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. That, according to Agricon, makes the system much easier to mount on the roof of a tractor. “As an alternative, the sensor heads can also be mounted separately,” says Peer Leithold, director of Agricon. “That way it is possible to equip spraying rods or the booms of a pneumatic fertiliser spreader with sensor heads.”

Also, the N-Sensor ALS 2 system can be expanded with up to 8 sensor heads, for a much larger measuring range.

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Photo: Yara

Photo: Yara

Integrated dew recognition

Up till now it was not possible to use the active sensor technology when crops were covered in dew. That has changed thanks to integrated dew recognition. Using this technology, the system can be used in all weather conditions, around the clock.

The new Yara N-Sensor also makes it possible to perform vertical measurements, next to angular measurements. That makes the system more versatile. For instance, you can now use the N-Sensor in test fields or in special crops, where working widths are limited.

Larger yields

According to Agricon, farmers can expect larger yields. At the same time, the impact on the environment is smaller because use of fertiliser and crop protection agent is reduced to a minimum.

The video underneath shows how the N-Sensor technology works. The previous generation is being shown here.

Hugo Claver Web editor for Future Farming