Trimble links farmers to companies to meet sustainability commitments

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Trimble’s climate market solution enables businesses to quantify their sustainability efforts through verified data tracking and aggregation. - Photos: Trimble
Trimble’s climate market solution enables businesses to quantify their sustainability efforts through verified data tracking and aggregation. - Photos: Trimble

Through a data-first approach, Trimble offers a carbon marketplace to bridge the gap between farmers, agronomists and businesses to track and leverage sustainable farming practices.

Trimble announced the connected Climate Exchange, a carbon marketplace to connect and aggregate verified data across the agriculture supply chain to enable a more sustainable future. To meet net zero commitments, Trimble offers new opportunities for industry stakeholders to quantify their sustainability efforts, scale their businesses with climate offerings and ultimately minimize the negative effects of climate change.

Trimble’s Connected Climate Exchange creates a streamlined process for aggregating data across farm organizations and verifying this data for emissions reductions and removals buyers. By connecting an ecosystem of farmers, agronomists, ag retailers and carbon buyers in one marketplace, the Connected Climate Exchange enables participation in carbon markets and sustainability programs that were previously too time-consuming and complex.

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Quantifiable and verifiable terms

“Farmers have long struggled to comprehensively report and tell their sustainability story in quantifiable and verifiable terms. They need a technology solution that brings greater value and helps bring structure to disconnected data”, said Darren Howie, director, emerging digital and sustainability, Trimble. “As a trusted partner in the agriculture industry, Trimble is taking a farm-centric approach. While many carbon programs work by identifying a specific practice to implement and search for farms, Trimble is partnering with agronomy-focused, enterprise agriculture companies to optimize interventions at the farm level, then aggregate the impacts to support emission reduction programs for companies upstream in the agriculture value chain.”

A Farmer-First Solution

The Trimble Connected Climate Exchange works seamlessly with Trimble Ag Software and other third-party farm management tools to:

  • Centrally manage sustainability projects and customers
  • Perform calculations to report on carbon emissions, reductions and removals
  • Provide reporting and visualization to sustainability impacts
  • Calculate payments where applicable
  • Generate cross-sector supply chain insights

“One key roadblock to other carbon programs has been data aggregation. Trimble has been on the farm and collecting data for decades”, said Dietmar Grimm, vice president, corporate strategy and sustainability, Trimble. “Through its data aggregation capabilities, the Connected Climate Exchange is able to deliver quantifiable and verifiable reports, validated by independent third-party MMRV (measure, monitor, report and verify) providers. This documentation is subject to annual third-party audits that track carbon emissions reductions and removals within the agriculture supply shed at scale.”

Ed Asscheman Online editor Future Farming